reliable, professional and honest! you can count on us to keep your pool beautiful year-round. 

Chemical Only Service Package...Starting at $85.00

For those of you who prefer to do a little bit of the work but need help with your chemicals, let us handle them for you. We will make sure the chemicals stay in balance and help maintain the life of your pool by keeping them in line. 

Regular Service Package...Starting at $115.00

We perform a full chemical check and balance, skim and brush, vacuum as needed, backwash, empty baskets and perform routine inspections pumps, motors, filters and plumping, adjust and clean salt cells as needed. This service includes four weekly visits per month. Additional visits and chemicals may be necessary, extra work requires authorization.  

Pool Repairs...$85.00 an Hour plus parts (1 hour minimum)

​Have a pump not working? Vacuum giving you a hard time? We can fix your pool equipment and get you back into the water in no time. This covers basic plumbing leaks and repairs. For major repairs such as pumps and filter replacement please call for a free estimate. 

Acid Wash or Chlorine Bath...Starting at $399.00

Need a deep cleaning? We've got you covered. We can perform an acid wash or chlorine bath to help maintain a healthy pool. This is a full day project that requires draining, deep cleaning, refilling and adding new chemicals to your pool.

Green Pool Clean up...Starting at $399.00

Let's face it, with today's fast pace life we forget things. Let us recondition your green pool and turn it into that desert oasis you have been dreaming about. This service generally requires between 2 - 5 visits (depending on severity) in a short period of time to return your pool to swimming condition.

New Pool Start Up...Starting at $125.00

This service is for newly built pools and includes one time chemical start up.  Pool must be filled with water prior to our arrival.

Drain and Reform...Starting at $349.00

Having a hard time keeping your pool chemicals in check? Has it been over 2 years since the last time you drained your pool? We can help. We will drain your pool and reform it with chemicals provided to help your pool become more healthy and enjoyable. We recommend you drain your pool every 2-3 years.