NO PLASTIC holder PODS/CAGES are used with our Units & Ionizers.
By eliminating plastic holder POD/CAGE we eliminate POD CLOGGING by foliage and debris and  allow proper water flow through ionizer cylinder allowing more minerals to be re-ionized and increasing effectiveness.
By not using plastic PODS/CAGES to hold our ionizer cylinder we reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing crude oil based materials that end up polluting our environment and landfills.

Blueray XL is the preferred Mineral Purifier used by Superior Pool Solutions.

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How it works

UnLock Your Pool™ Technology

Blueray XL - The Real Mineral Purifier™

Blueray XL is the ultimate Mineral Purifier™ UPGRADE.  Blueray XL, it works BETTER.

Blueray XL is the innovator of the new Unlock Your Pool™ technology that is revolutionizing the pool & hot tub industry by eliminating specialty-product overkill and dramatically saving money and effort through a sustained increase in overall chemical effectiveness.

Blueray XL™ Mineral Purifier & Catalyst™ is in a class all by itself, it is the only Copper, Silver & Zinc water modifier for pools & hot tubs in the market.  Blueray XL™ has a proprietary blend of minerals, cleaning agents, chelating agents, and sequestrants.  Blueray XL is designed to be used as a multi-purpose water modifier to reduce Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD). 

Blueray XL will aid in: removing anionic compounds through flocculation in the water and increase the rate of chemical reaction of pool & hot tub oxidizing agents to burn off inanimate organic contamination with an unmatched effectiveness. 

Blueray XL™ will Unlock Your Pool™ & hot tub’s water balance to make your chemicals more productive and last longer.  Ideal for "GREEN to CLEAR" treatments, cleans up dead algae, pollen and other forms of non-living organic water contamination for six months.

The Rundown:
Blueray XL Mineral Purifier & Catalyst™ Simplifies Pool Maintenance to Reduce Cost & Effort up to 50%. Blueray XL enhances and conditions the water while constantly combining with suspended inanimate organic particulates for easy removal by the filtration system. Blueray XL neutralizes the negative effects lignin and phosphates have on water quality, eliminates the need for phosphate removers, enzyme cleaners, chemical clarifiers & harsh flocculants while catalyzing oxidation and stabilizing pH.

Blueray XL™ Mineral Purifier™ and Catalyst™ is a 7-in-1 product that will keep working for up to six-months.
Oxidation Catalyst
Phosphate Neutralizer
pH Stabilizer
Lignin Neutralizer
Water Polisher 
(COD) Reducer 

BLUERAY XL™  XL-Units come with a specially treated Ionizer cylinder and a mineral formulation of Copper, Silver & Zinc. Minerals dissolve in the water and are re-ionized by the cylinder.  Blueray XL-Boosters are used to replenish the minerals at the six-month mark and for larger pools.  Installation is easy;  just add Ionizer cylinder to pump or skimmer basket and add minerals to pump or skimmer basket and turn on your filtration system to dissolve the minerals into the pool or hot tub/Spa.  Blueray XL is Saltwater compatible, designed for any pool finish, includes stain inhibitors and it is pre-measured for specific size pools and hot tubs/spas.


Available Chlorine: ........1.0 - 3.0 ppm
Total Hardness:..............100 - 400 ppm
Alkalinity..........................80 - 120 ppm
Conditioner......................30 - 90 ppm
TDS level below...............1500 ppm (for proper mineral activation)
pH.....................................7.2 - 7.8

Phosphate Removers
Enzyme Cleaners
Mineral Clarifiers
Chemical or Natural Clarifiers
Copper/Silver-Based Cleaners
Stain & Scale Preventers
Bromine, Bromide Chemical or Biguanides
pH stabilizers

Ideal for "GREEN to CLEAR" treatments to clean up dead algae, pollen and other inorganic contaminants.
Do Not use Blueray XL™ Mineral Purifier & Catalyst™ with bromine, bromide chemicals or Biguanides, foaming might occur.
Do Not add other chemicals in skimmer while minerals are dissolving (1-3 hours).
Compatible with DuPont™ Oxone® (Potassium Monopersulfate)
If Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid reducer is used, add Bio-Active within 3 weeks prior to the next Blueray XL treatment.  Blueray XL is so effective that it will trap, neutralize and remove the enzymes used in Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer before they have a chance to work if Blueray is newly added and strong in the water.

The Minerals
OUR MINERAL FORMULA is comprised of our proprietary anti-staining compound and perfectly sequestered mineral salts of silver, copper, and zinc, formulated specifically to constantly combine (flocculation/coagulation) with suspended inanimate organic particulates and other inanimate contaminants, trapping them into pool filter and maintaining pool water crystal clear.

MINERALS ARE NOT BROKEN DOWN by sunlight or heat.  Loss happens through backwashing, splash out or water leaks in the system.

The Cylinder
BLUERAY XL's New proprietary solid copper and 99.9% silver coated alloy cylinder technology is able to re-Ionize (re-activate) minerals every time they pass through the cylinder.  Blueray XL's cylinder continuously re-activates (helps re-flocculate particles via ionic transfer) minerals in pool water for up to 12 months.  

BLUERAY XL IS A DUAL action technology.   The alloy cylinder recharges Blueray XL minerals that have dissolved into the pool, therefore Metal cylinder has to always be in the direct flow of the pool water for 100% efficiency of minerals. Efficiency is reduced to about 40% without Blueray XL metal cylinder unit in direct flow of water in the pool filtration system.

NO POD means better ionization since pods get easily clogged with debris and foliage and prevent water to flow through ionizer cylinder.  This reduces the overall efficiency by preventing the minerals in water from being recharged via ion-exchange with the ionizer.

ALTHOUGH POOL MAINTENANCE workload is greatly reduced by using Blueray XL, pool still needs competent weekly cleaning, water balancing, scheduled filter cleaning, and backwashing.