Pools can hold various minerals that can affect the composition of the water. There are two types of minerals that primarily cause pools to turn purple – manganese and copper cyanurate. Both are purple mineral stains, but the colors may vary depending on the concentration of the minerals that interact with the chlorine in your swimming pool. The chlorine added to the swimming pool can oxidize with the metals and cause a noticeable reaction in your pool. The easiest remedy for a Purple pool is to drain your pool and perform an Acid Wash.  Our Acid Washes start at $349.00 which includes start up Chemicals once the pool has been refilled.


It is difficult to give an estimate on green pool cleanup without inspecting the pool because there are so many different factors involved such as severity of algae and the type of pool filter.  Listed below are starting prices for green pool clean up, retaining and cleaning up your existing water.  

Unlike some other pool companies, we disclose the true pricing of a green pool clean up rather than advertising a very low price and then tacking on additional costs after the job starts.  We list below what the starting price includes, and IF additional work is needed, the prices are listed below.

There are times when it is more cost effective to simply treat your water (prices below) but there are other times that it will be recommended to do a drain and Chlorine Bath or Acid Wash.  This is generally the case when your water has high Cyanurate Acid and is no longer retaining Chlorine.  When we come out to do your free estimate, we will explain all of your options to you.


Green pools are not only an eyesore, they can very quickly turn into a dangerous breeding ground for bacteria.  In 2005, Maricopa County began prosecuting homeowners with green pools for up to 30 days in jail and $100-$2,500 in fines.  If the water is not professionally treated quickly with a combination of wire brushing, the addition of powerful algaecides and clarifiers, back washing and aggressive filtering, the pool will need to be drained and the entire surface chlorine washed. In addition, DE and Cartridge filters will need to be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. 

Green Pools with Sand Filters or DE Filters                                         $299.99  & up

starting price includes up to:

  • 8 gallons liquid chlorine
  • 1 quart algaecide
  • 1 quart clarifier
  • ​3 trips

​Green Pools with Cartridge Filters                                                        $399.99 & up

starting price includes up to:

  • 8 gallons liquid chlorine
  • 1 quart algaecide
  • ​1 quart clarifier
  • 2 filter cleanings
  • ​3 trips

Additional pricing

Extra Trip Charge              $55.00

Chlorine per gallon            $  8.00

​Algaecide per quart           $30.00

Additional Filter cleaning   $85.00

Clarifier per quart              $25.00

green pool clean up


Green Pool Pricing 

See our Green Pool Pricing below